Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring is the Best Time of the Year for Biking to Work

Spring is probably when I'm most grateful that I get to ride my bike to work. Its the perfect temperature - no need for a jacket and not yet hot enough to get sweaty.

My driveway is brightly adorned:

The scenery along the route largely looks like this:

Even crossing Six Forks is peaceful. The pedestrian crossing here takes a while, but its one of the only mid-block crossing signals around and its great. All the traffic stops and there's no turning traffic. 

Waiting for the light is a great opportunity to meet the bus riders and sip some coffee. 

And the smell of lilac greets me at work:

The days last longer and I'm more inspired to make side trips:

I'm often offered a ride when my friends are headed the same way as me in their cars, but this is not a ride I'd easily give up.