Thursday, March 10, 2016

Coronado Circle Open Space Cleanup


Please join us to help reclaim Coronado Circle City Open Space!

Our first project will be from 9 AM to noon on April 2nd, 2016. I invite anyone who is interested to join us and participate in pulling ivy, pruning, and landscape planning! Here is a link to the release the city will require all volunteers to sign: cached release form (

We will also have forms available at the time of the event for you to sign. The city asks that we all wear long pants and close-toed shoes and they will provide gloves and tools for us.

Coffee and doughnuts will be available for all volunteers from my family; Leigh Bragassa, the city's Invasives Program Coordinator, has promised drinks and snacks.

The circle is located in front of 5215 Coronado Dr, between the intersections with Manchester Dr. and Gunnison Pl. The city will provide materials and guidance and will organize volunteers from other parts of the city who will come help with the labor.

project location, across from 5215 Coronado Dr


The City of Raleigh owns dozens of small pockets of open space across the city that are managed by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department. The city allows citizen volunteers to adopt these sites and partner with the city to make improvements. I've signed an agreement with the City of Raleigh Parks department to clean up and maintain the Coronado Drive Open Space circle.

As the signatory, I have agreed to perform at least 4 projects per year, the nature of which will be determined by myself with approval from the appropriate city departments. I would like to survey the opinions of everyone in the neighborhood, especially those of us who live on Coronado Dr. as to how everyone would like to see the parcel handled.

The first step will be to clean up debris and remove the english ivy that is threatening to take over and damage many of the mature trees growing there. Further projects will continue the cleanup and begin landscaping and maintenance to create a space we can all enjoy and use.

ivy infestation at Coronado Circle
Link to Raleigh's Invasive Species Program:

About 20 years ago a similar agreement was in place led by Mr. Roberts, formerly a resident on Coronado Dr. You can still see the birdhouse (donated by the Parkers) and some of the landscaping plantings installed at that time. There was also a mulched path through the center of the circle.
some planting remain from last neighborhood effort
Some of the projects I've considered include landscaping, restoration of the path, installation of doggie bag dispensers and refuse bins, a picnic table and a mini-library. However, I'd like to hear from my neighbors and create a vision together.

If you have any questions or ideas, please post in the comments below. You can also contact the parks volunteer coordinators, Ashley Deans and Leigh Bragassa. Their contact information, and more details about the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Volunteer Program is located at this link:

 Look forward to seeing everyone!