Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Commuting Challenge

I've been a slacker - my bicycle riding has fallen off and my writing has been non-existent. I am going to attempt to remedy this. I feel good about myself the more I pedal where I'm going and I feel like I know myself better when I write regularly.

Therefore, I set the following goals for myself:
  • Make the bicycle my primary form of transportation. Commute to the job at least 3 days a week, run all errands less than 10 miles from home with bicycle*
  • Write about bike commuting at least twice a week.
In that spirit, here's a look at my commute from yesterday morning.

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It's about a 15 mile ride, and when I push hard, I can do it in under an hour. Barely. There are a couple of rough spots; the stretch of Edwards Mill that runs under the Wade Avenue Extension and crossing Wake Forest from out of the Quail Hollow neighborhood. Nothing too hair-raising, though.

We'll have to see how I do with my new self-challenge now that the temperature is rising. However, at the hour I'm leaving in the morning, its not been too hot.


  1. My dad said "you will NEVER guess who I saw riding a bike down our street." I nailed it (even before seeing this post!). Thanks for giving me an opportunity to look like a genius, in spite of the fact that I can't remember what I ate for breakfast.
    That is QUITE a ride!

  2. Happy to oblige! Making people look good is just one of the things I do.
    The ride is a bit longer than the average bike commute, but not really challenging. Driving a car would take half an hour, driving the bike takes an hour. So for an extra hour of round-trip commuting time I get 2 hours on the bike. Save money, keep in shape and get to play on my bike all in one neat package.