Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Illinios Trip

Sorry for this late post, I just came across these pictures as I was cleaning out some files.

Here's some pictures from our trip this last Christmas to visit the family farm in Funk's Grove, Illinios.  This is Mom's side of the family - the Funks have been living in and around this house (named the Outlook) for about 100 years.  Before that, there was the Prairie Home (not shown), which is now a museum maintained by an endowment from one of the Funks.  The Outlook is maintained by a family farm trust, and any family member needs but call ahead to reserve a room in this beautiful house. 

Back of the house


Outbuildings in snow

Funk Family Farm Grade Prime +  roast beef

Family Farm sign in Funk's Grove

View as we flew out.


  1. That's pretty cool. Adam says that our uncle Kirk is trying to endow our family's historic farm house as well.

  2. It's a great way to provide a geographic anchor for a large family.