Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photo update

We have had a wonderful rest day in Tucson.  We analyzed our route and searched for potential places to stay over the next week or two until we get to El Paso.  We got several recommendations and decided to go with the southern route of our possible options out of Tucson.  If we go north, we run the risk of riding into snowy mountains.  So, we will go see Tombstone and stay south of I-10 until we are into New Mexico.

In the afternoon, we ate pizza with Donna for lunch.  After that we ran a few more errands and cleaned up and performed maintenance on the bicycles.  For dinner, we fulfilled a craving from the last few days with fajitas at Guadalajara Grill.

Since Dwight normally writes the blog posts from his phone, we can't include too many pictures. This post is pictures with captions and references to previous blogs.

Day 1: San Diego to Alpine

San Diego Country Park

Day 2: Alpine to Ocotillo

Looking across the Mexican border

Coming down the mountains

Windblown and sunburned after 45 mph down the mountain

Sunset from the campsite outside Ocotillo (click image for full view)

Day 3: Ocotillo to Glamis

Sunrise over our campsite at Ocotillo

Below sea level between El Centro and Brawley

Night view from our sand dune campsite near Glamis. The bright lights are a passing car.  The far off city lights are El Centro and Brawley

Day 4: Glamis to Yuma

Securing lodging for the evening via email atop the sand dune

Our campsite at the back of the sand dune

Taking a break after 30 good miles with a tailwind enroute to Yuma

Day 5: Yuma to Petroglyphs state park

Welcome to Arizona, where the roads haven't been paved for years!

Day 6: Petroglyphs State Park to Maricopa

Barrel Cactus growing near the petroglyphs

Hummingbird near our campsite at petroglyphs state park

Day 8: Tucson rest day

Getting ready for fajitas!


  1. Thanks for the pictures! Stay safe.

  2. What a ridiculous trip, so far! Thanks for the update!