Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leaving San Diego

Our bikes are delivered and re-assembled, our bags are packed, and we're tying off all of our loose ends, we leave tomorrow morning!

We had a great time in San Diego, I can't think of a better place we could have been stuck for a few days. My wonderful family gave us a great room with a wonderful view, fed us incredible food, helped us receive and assemble our bikes, and gave us transportation. Here's the view from our room of Mission Bay: Lots of thanks to Mary and Alan, Scott and Sarah, Suzie, Nancy, and Aunt Jodi, who was kind enough to let us live with her for most of a week.

My Mother came out from Raleigh, NC to see us off, and she has been a great help to us while we were here. Even after we leave, she's still going to be working for us, carting home the stuff we wanted for LA and San Diego, but didn't want to load on our bikes.

We did so much in San Diego, but we'll keep it short here with a couple of highlights.

This is the USS Midway. It was built in the 40's, served in Desert Storm, and is now a museum in downtown San Diego.
We finally received our bikes on Tuesday afternoon. We wrapped up our tour of the USS Midway and headed to my cousin's Scott's furniture company, Design Synthesis. Scott was kind enough to receive our shipment, as they required a loading dock to drop off our bike.

I think we've been able to set up our phones so that we can post short entries and camera phone pictures on the go. We'll try to write a good post and download some higher quality photos when we get good internet connections.

Tomorrow's the big day, it's hard to believe its finally here! Wish us luck!

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