Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shakedown ride at the Outerbanks

This photo is from Swan Quarter, NC, the start of our shakedown ride on 11-13 January. The gear here is what we will look like when we start riding from San Diego next Monday. I expect that I will post most of the pictures and Dwight will post most of the writing.
I will also write about Operation Free, a veterans group of which I am a member, that is working to improve our national security through controlling climate change. http://www.operationfree.net/home/ is the website. We will stop to make presentations when we have opportunities. We are using fuel to get to our start, but shouldn't produce many emissions, unless we eat a lot of beans along the way.
I am hoping to have time for reflection, to work through my new life out of the army, and to discuss each of our futures, considering the major changes we are both facing. I better get to bed for the early plane flight tomorrow. I am amazed that this is really happening.


  1. Hi Adam,im sure you can do a lot of reflection,just do take care in the road,i will follow every now and then in this blog my prayers to both of you...good luck and Godbless.


  2. A couple of salty-looking dudes, ready for an adventure. Take care!

  3. Woo hoo! Hey Adam - it's Jessilyn from the NC Conservation Network, if you two are looking for a place to stay near 29 Palms Cali for any reason - let me know! My brother lives there and would probably be up for putting you up for the night.